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Buying WolfPointe

Since WolfPointe is out of print, I have bought up remainders. So I have the only remaining copies of WP. If you like to buy a copy here is how to do it:

WolfPointe is available for $12.00 in the USA.

To purchase one send me an email (click here) on the subject line, please put WOLFPOINTE. The Price in the US is $12.

A signed copy is $1 additional     (Put the name of the recipient and any additional info; EG: Birthday gift etc. in the email)

Copies will be sent media mail -- just a bit slower than 1st Class and it IS traced - you will get that number in a reply on your email.

If you'd like 1st Class Please add $1.50

Make sure your full mailing address is included!!

How to pay

Right now I just have PayPal -- I'll be telling you the cost and where to send it in return mail.

Don't want, can't use Pay Pal? --- Tell me and I'll give you the total due, and you can send a check or Money Order to my address. Once paid the book will follow.

If you are outside the USA -- Email me and we can work it out, I'm sure...

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