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Monday, July 22, 2019

So, Over The Weekend

Many years ago, my Mom was the one that introduced me to reading. As first, she read to me. Then I was schooled and enjoying the time, I began to read to her. Soon I was discovering many things to read and that just led to more.
Sure enough, I got my "Youth" Chicago Library Card as soon as I could. Also, it was across on busy (but traffic controlled) street and 3 residential lanes. I was biking there by the time I was 8. My "every two week trip to the library," became a habit. Summer reading lists were read and exceeded. My reading scores were grades ahead of my actual standing.
I remember complaining that I pretty much had read all I wanted to in the Youth section and wanted my Young Adult card. Back then you had to be 12, 16 to get the coveted Adult Card.  My mother went with me just before my 12th birthday. She successfully argued my case and -- at one-day-short of my 12th birthday - I had an ADULT card!!
Needless to say, while the rest of my academics did not equal my reading scores, it was the ability to read, understand and remember that was what got me through. In school, I actually read my textbooks and was often finished before Winter Break. My retention was great so a study was a quick re-read through the night before a test and I'd do just fine.
Never thought I'd write, but it kind of became inevitable. It took me years to deny before I filled my first Big Chief yellow pad with the beginnings of STARSHOT. That led me to write WolfPointe, which helped get Starshot published as well. Now I bang away on the next (Motherboard?). All because of my Mom.
My Mom never saw my first novel, she passed in 1987. When WolPointe came to print, I decided I needed to drop a copy at her gravesite. That was 2004. Since then, with the release of Starshot, another trip was planned. On Thursday, July 18, 2019, I visited once more.
I miss you both Mon & Dad. Mom, I know where the copy goes, because I know you are reading every word.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

More marketing news!

So we've managed to lower the cost of Starshot by a dollar. To be honest, I am proud to have done it and for a book of this size and depth, I really makes it a bargain. So for your summer read or for a gift buy Starshot!

Work on my Malcolm MacKurghdy Mystery is moving forward. Keep stopping by and you'll hear about it here first!!


Saturday, May 11, 2019

Read Cheaper ... And Why

Made a decision that affects you. A few weeks ago I made Starshot's ebook available via Kindle Unlimited members, meaning they get it free. Hoping for more reviews which helps sell more books. I have come to the realization that what make is less important than who gets to read this novel. I don't need to sell to eat, I'm retired now and can make ends meet, so why not help more people read my book(s)?
I even am looking to cut price on the paperback, but that needs exploration. To those who love paper, I'm with you and the current price is actually cheaper than Wolfpointe was in 2004 (which was shorter too). If I can, I will reduce it. But most likely it will be pennies.
Electronic books allow a larger range and a greater audience due to the ability to reproduce inexpensively.
So, if you have bought Starshot THANK YOU! If you've been thinking of giving it a shot, but budget hasn't allowed it; @99 cents --- please give it a read!
Until next time, and with an update on Motherboard,  I am