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Thursday, January 17, 2019

A Tale Decades Old

The local Newspaper did a write up about me and Starshot. To say I was pleased with the outcome would be an understatement.

My thanks to both Jacquelyn Schlabach (Editor) and Will O'Brien (Freelance Reporter) for a great story and article. I enjoyed working with you all

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Getting Out There

Yeah -- that's me. I guess I mean it in its simplest form. I am actually getting out there, doing things to get my writing back to "normal". Of course, that means I will be reaching out there, researching some strange stuff, and that always amuses me. I wonder if I am on some No-Fly list due to my library habits.

You see I'm still a bit old school when it comes to research. I tend to search out books and information, perhaps online, but then like to do the actual ready and note taking in the library. Here in Tinley, we have an excellent place, and it's like having your own reading room. So I get some alone time (so needed by us introverts) and I feel entirely at home.

So on Friday last, I went to the library - renewed my card (that happens...) and donated a copy of Starshot. We have a Local Author Collection at the library and our books are featured. We have quite a few local people who write and a diverse group as well as a diverse subject matter. After doing that I drove around thinking what to do to get some more publicity. I have an interview coming out in the Jan 17 Junction, a local 22nd Century publication, I'm sure that will get some readership. But, I need to break out into the mainstream more. I guess I'll need to fight my shyness and hit the pavement.

In the meantime, I'll post here keeping you up to date on my progress both with Starshot and the new project.

Till next time:

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Winter Slowdown and Procrastination

It's always tough for me. I'm a procrastinator. I have 923539389 ideas and get overwhelmed and do, 0. I really want to get started on my new book. I'd really like to promote Starshot even more. I need to work with my wife post knee surgery and that, right now, is most important. Still, I need to pick a path and pursue it.
The new novel has its roots in WolfPointe and I want to keep Mac MacKurgdy as so many readers and even family said -- "He is a series keeper." So two ideas exist and they may actually develop into one story rather than one. Research is needed. I tend to hit the library rather than all electronic sources. I like the quiet, the time to seek and explore the library offers. Then I can follow up with e-sources to fill in things I feel I missed or need more.
Meanwhile, with Starshot, I really don't know how to promote, much. Also, what ideas I read about -- include time away from home that I don't have right now. I need to work this out in my head.
Feel free to comment or email me. We can talk.
Thanks for listening -- gotta fill my cup. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What Does 2019 Hold For Me?

Happy New Year to everyone reading this. The title pretty much explains what I'm gonna talk about so without much intro, here we go.

First, I have uncovered voluminous notes for (working title) Motherboard. This is a sequel to WolfPointe that really never coalesced. But since Starshot is out (and doing OK) I felt perhaps, I should return to Malcolm MacKurghdy. Many people who read WP -- mentioned that they licked Mac and would love to see him stay around. So glad I did not kill him!!

In reading some of the pages, I have on a thumb drive, I felt there is enough there to revive the dogged, flawed policeman. Further, as I read, an idea for another storyline also popped up. Now I need to look at both, see if one is NOT viable and go with the other - or if both seem promising, perhaps in what order to I write out the adventure.

The other thing happening is promoting Starshot. Looking for venues and trying to talk it onto shelves wherever I can. Have to be honest -- not been doing much of a job. Lot's of excuses but, they are excuses. I hope to work with the Tinley Park Library and looking for bookstores willing to carry a few copies of Starshot to see if we can't make more people know me.

In looking back to my first novel, I see the mistakes I make in that book. I also recognize what people liked. Starshot is an entirely different kind of story. I am sure that is a one-shot to get a story I have wanted to tell for a decade. Love that story, but I don't see a way for a continuation. Mac MacKurghdy, though; him, I like. He needs to come back and get more fans .. so That seems the route I will be going this year....

Stay tuned for more...