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Friday, November 9, 2018

A Bit About Me

This is the obligatory introduction post. It is me. Depending on who you are or how you know me - I have lots of nom de plumes. Lets briefly list them all:
I'm Rick Buda, I am also ArJohn, some even recognize me as Ryk (yeah a high School affectation that stuck for some!) Buda. 
I am listing myself here as a writer. There are other (better) titles - but here, I write. I have two novels now. The first, WolfPointe is out of print. I DO have remainders and they are on sale. The second is pictured on this blog and is the reason for it. It is in Proofing and believe me I will post here when and where it becomes available!
Have written for and published a wargaming magazine, The Nuts and Bolts of Gaming (NABOG). I began as a fan and player of Play By Mail (PPM), Role-Playing (RPG) games.
Online I had a blog called Rick The Rum Runner where I tasted and commented upon American made Rums. That was very successful, but I felt my part in it all had played out. Still enjoy a good rum.
So -- That is me - Hope to inform and entertain.

If you'd like to contact me - feel free to email me

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