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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Read Cheaper ... And Why

Made a decision that affects you. A few weeks ago I made Starshot's ebook available via Kindle Unlimited members, meaning they get it free. Hoping for more reviews which helps sell more books. I have come to the realization that what make is less important than who gets to read this novel. I don't need to sell to eat, I'm retired now and can make ends meet, so why not help more people read my book(s)?
I even am looking to cut price on the paperback, but that needs exploration. To those who love paper, I'm with you and the current price is actually cheaper than Wolfpointe was in 2004 (which was shorter too). If I can, I will reduce it. But most likely it will be pennies.
Electronic books allow a larger range and a greater audience due to the ability to reproduce inexpensively.
So, if you have bought Starshot THANK YOU! If you've been thinking of giving it a shot, but budget hasn't allowed it; @99 cents --- please give it a read!
Until next time, and with an update on Motherboard,  I am

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