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Friday, February 15, 2019

Literary Treasure Hunt

So, number one, sorry for the long absence,  but I have to say the article in the Tinley Junction blew my mind, swole my head and happened in the midst of a fortunate discovery.

First, back to the article, I was contacted by friends and neighbors even my wife's Physical Therapists (she is recovering from her second knee replacement) were impressed. I know I'm supposed to be a dedicated self-promoter, but that story and the attention it garnered kind took me by surprise.

The discovery was on a thumb drive. I knew there were some files of notes I had assembled for a Mac McKurghdy Mystery sequel to WolfPointe, working title, Motherboard. Well, it turns out, about 50 pages worth exists and after reading this work, gotta say, I like it! So. The great Procastinator, RAB, looks like I may start spinning that tail once more.

Additionally, I may try some video soon... perhaps we will talk, Motherboard.


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