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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Proofing the Proof

Enjoying the feel
First of all, let me give you some background. My first proof copies of Starshot were via Create Space. They have now merged with Amazon Direct Publishing. So I had to reconfigure my MS to their specs (not that big of a deal - they did a pretty nice job!!). That done, I used the old proof to final edit Starshot. That took a while, but I think a good copy came out of it all. Then I formatted it into the original sized edition, but say the ADP offered a smaller - more pocketbook sized edition. I went with that and needed to re-reformat to fit. Also, I needed a whole new cover. I worked at that. 
The changes often generated more format adjustments as I went. Improper paragraph spacing (I went full tab). Additionally spacing between paragraphs needed a change. Finally, a double-spaced paragraph for POV changes that don't require a chapter change.
Now, I hold the new proof and actually appraise it. I am VERY happy with its look, the quality and the, for lack of a better term, heft of the book. To a reader, all these attributes are important. The biggest quality sense is, feel. The pages are thicker than some lower quality paperbacks. So I am great with the proof physically. Now to page through - one page at a time.
Examples of Tab misses
Well, that's why its a proof! I find missing tabs, and a couple of mismatched lines (the paragraph line ends in the middle of a sentence and appears as a new paragraph, no tab, below. Yeech. So I grab my green highlighter and mark it... So in an hour, I mark all the little problems and know I have to do another MS dump. It was expected -- that's why I get proofs!. It is amazing how these get by you on the screen but pop out of the printed page.
So all that said to let you know I am excited and will mack the needed corrections tonight/tomorrow and will release the book, I hope< before the end of this week.
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