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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Incoming Excitement!

All things come to those who wait. Or something like that. I have waited -- I have been frustrated - but, I outlasted all that and won!
If you have followed me on my Facebook page, you know I have been frustrated for some time, getting Starshot to the point of publication. However, I finally got to the final point of the marathon; a proof copy.
Somehow, I just knew it wouldn't be simple. Sure the action (Click here!) was simple, but in the back of my head, well I just knew. So, I clicked. Filled in the info needed, paid for the 2 copies and was assured they would be winging their way to me quickly. This was early, just a week ago, and I was astounded to see that Amazon promised poofs by Friday!! By Thursday, the truth was out, but Amazon always sunny and bright, said they'd Try for Saturday. They shipped early Friday! I was astounded when they said they hoped to deliver Saturday. They did get it to my Post Office by early Sunday (Nov 11). I figured, "Delivery Monday -- No Tuesday since Monday the post office doesn't deliver as they commemorate Veterans day that day." So I resigned myself to a Tuesday delivery.
Suddenly my phone buzzes and says they will attempt delivery on Sunday! I thought that couldn't be right as Sunday was actually November 11, the "normal" observance of Veterans Day. So around 7PM Sunday evening, I find that USPS attempted to deliver a package but they, "Did not have access to my front door." Really? The same door that USPS and every package delivery service has used for the 15 years I have lived here was suddenly blocked? It was such a ludicrous thought that I actually went to the door and checked! Nope, just fine. I responded to Amazon by telling them this news and that they should inquire to the Post Office. 
Monday morning, I get a response from the Post Office and 2 from Amazon. The Post Office advised me they'd try to deliver Tuesday. The first Amazon note said they had spoken to their carrier the United States Post Office and were told that another attempt would be made. The second note from Amazon tells me if I'd like to reorder Click Here! and that my money would be refunded. It also apologized and gave me a $5 credit to my account. 
Yesterday - I was informed the credit had been applied and all monies had been refunded. This morning, the 2 proofs were delivered!!


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