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Monday, April 29, 2019

Coffee With The Cops

Anytime you can do research and have great conversations -- go for it! Today (Monda April 29, 2019) our Police department had a meeting of Coffee with the Cops. They stop into our local coffee shops (Starbucks today) and are there to answer questions, address concerns and help struggling writer get their police procedures straight. 

I spent time with a patrol officer, team leader and great guy (Stan). He was able to answer 90% of my questions about death along the interstates and which police force gets what cases, where. Follow all that? Well, he made it simple.

I also spoke with a Detective (Electronic Forensics) and he helped me out of some cell phone info and computer soft and hardware questions as well as tieing it all into police work, Thanks, Jim.

Another great day and another layer of research on Motherboard, a Mac MacKurghdy Mystery! I hope to really start pounding out the script soon!

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