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Monday, December 17, 2018

Writer to Writer talk, and How Arts Support Arts.

     The local newspaper is publishing a short article about Starshot and my work on it. Back in 2004 when Wolfpointe was released, an earlier report showed that there was a small community of local authors. Now, so many years later, the interview with me capped a one-month time space where four authors from Tinley Park are publicized bearing about nine books. Something must be in the water. Or the town of Tinley supports creativity.
     I bring that up because, in our town, a branding campaign has grown, showing the vast interest and talent for music and all of the arts. From middle school through high schools bands and other music-based activities in our area have stacked up to competition victories and platitudes. We even support concert bands of adults joined by their interest in music. Just seems that perhaps creative arts support creative arts area wide.

     Back to the actual interview, done on the phone with my car parked at a local gas station, it was revealing to me. I mentioned to the writer (William Obrien), that my work on Starshot spanned nearly 40 years and that I seemed to duck in and out of writing. By the time we were done talking he was able to show that I WAS writing that whole time.         Yes, Starshot spent drawer time but I published a Gaming magazine, wrote WolfPointe and get that published. I blogged American Made Rums as Rick the Rum Runner for nearly four years and then decided to release Starshot. It will be interesting to read his piece and see what his feeling was on our conversation.

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