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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

You Asked For It Part Three

     I wanted the hook for a story that I could relate to and grab the readers interest. WolfPointe started to be a project where I was going to follow 2 Builders and their accidental stirring up of the Supernatural. So I ended up writing a detailed history of the town, Timber Park, based (very) loosely on the village where I lived (This was after leaving Chicago). Then, using that panoramic view base this "Mystery? Crime? Horror?" story into that patch of real estate. I talked about this plot (really idea - plot sounds so complicated) with my wife. She is packed with great views. Some clicked. But what? What mysterious horror could overtake this town and why? A visit to my brother (and boring him with story ideas) was a source of discovery. He showed me how to search the internet. That, tied to research done at the Tinley Park Library (The BEST!) led me to this mythical creature the Windigo. I typed that name into the 'net and received information there were over 300,000 references and sources of information! Now, tied in with already research information I began to plot.
     Part of the plot was going to have a big, fateful battle at the end. Ideas of action, interaction and perils and trials of the protagonist began to form. But, I just couldn't settle the Two Builders as the characters. Then, it hit me. A cop. A young rookie, with a pretty standard background, gets sucked into this whole thing. Thus Malcolm MacKurghdy was born. I intentionally settled upon a man with a distinct name but easy nickname. Mac, what could be more natural than that? In the Midwest, Mac is right there with "Buddy" or "Pal" as a quick name attached to an unknown person.
     It seemed, once I had the character, the action sprang from my mind. The story, additional characters and the love interest all felt so natural. Chapters accumulated. As I went along the chronological tale grew. What I liked most is that Mac just seemed right to be a character to draw upon again, so there was that.
     Getting published was still the goal. Now, with a trimmer book under 200 pages, I hoped to get it in print. Fortunately, I contacted Twilight Times Books and was accepted there. My dream had come true!
     I failed the book. I did not do the work it takes to promote and push the book. TTB was a tiny house but very accommodating. Wasn't long though that reprinting the book seemed a waste. WolfPointe went to OOP (Out Of Print). I was crushed but happy at the same time. For a LONG time, I wrote nothing. I did start a sequel to WolfPointe, but it tailed away. 
     Once I retired my day to day business was much more my own. Around 2012 I began another look at Starshot. I occurred to me, I'd never feel complete if that story didn't see print. I just didn't want to go through the whole game of submission, resubmission. Agent, no agent. Big House, Little House. I just wanted to send my story out there. Perhaps give more time promoting it, but really just skipping the industry side. I made a half-hearted try - but the process then was rather bulky and slow. Finally, at the Library, I was introduced to CreateSpace. 
     I have to say, the software developed made the whole process SO easy. I got bogged down on editing and just wanted to be as sure as I could that all was right (Bet it is not... But I have tried - Honestly!!)
     I think Starshot is an extraordinary novel. The whole story just flowed from me. It used my love of music and a background of writing, publishing, and storytelling to lay out a tale of Love, Hate, Betrayal, Sex, Drugs and yes: Rock & Roll

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