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Monday, December 24, 2018

Have a Great Christmas!

     There may be many ways to express it, but the end of a year kind of makes most people look back and review. To be thankful for or more resolute for other issues and predicaments. I know I lead a great life and even with tough things realize I have a backup system and support from so many. As an author, last year at this time I had made an overly ambitious goal to publish for last Holiday Season. Then it was the "Beach Read" time, finally, and correctly, just in time for this years Holiday Season.

     Over all, its been SO much fun. It has fired up my writing juices and made me reflect on what I need to do to write another. Watch out you Mac fans. He's due for a return!

     For all who have given Starshot a pretty great showing out of the gate, to the five who won a copy, to so many who bought or at least put Starshot on their TBR list -- THANK YOU.

For now - Merry Christmas -- and I'll be back before the end of the year... 

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