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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Winter Slowdown and Procrastination

It's always tough for me. I'm a procrastinator. I have 923539389 ideas and get overwhelmed and do, 0. I really want to get started on my new book. I'd really like to promote Starshot even more. I need to work with my wife post knee surgery and that, right now, is most important. Still, I need to pick a path and pursue it.
The new novel has its roots in WolfPointe and I want to keep Mac MacKurgdy as so many readers and even family said -- "He is a series keeper." So two ideas exist and they may actually develop into one story rather than one. Research is needed. I tend to hit the library rather than all electronic sources. I like the quiet, the time to seek and explore the library offers. Then I can follow up with e-sources to fill in things I feel I missed or need more.
Meanwhile, with Starshot, I really don't know how to promote, much. Also, what ideas I read about -- include time away from home that I don't have right now. I need to work this out in my head.
Feel free to comment or email me. We can talk.
Thanks for listening -- gotta fill my cup. 

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