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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Getting Out There

Yeah -- that's me. I guess I mean it in its simplest form. I am actually getting out there, doing things to get my writing back to "normal". Of course, that means I will be reaching out there, researching some strange stuff, and that always amuses me. I wonder if I am on some No-Fly list due to my library habits.

You see I'm still a bit old school when it comes to research. I tend to search out books and information, perhaps online, but then like to do the actual ready and note taking in the library. Here in Tinley, we have an excellent place, and it's like having your own reading room. So I get some alone time (so needed by us introverts) and I feel entirely at home.

So on Friday last, I went to the library - renewed my card (that happens...) and donated a copy of Starshot. We have a Local Author Collection at the library and our books are featured. We have quite a few local people who write and a diverse group as well as a diverse subject matter. After doing that I drove around thinking what to do to get some more publicity. I have an interview coming out in the Jan 17 Junction, a local 22nd Century publication, I'm sure that will get some readership. But, I need to break out into the mainstream more. I guess I'll need to fight my shyness and hit the pavement.

In the meantime, I'll post here keeping you up to date on my progress both with Starshot and the new project.

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