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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What Does 2019 Hold For Me?

Happy New Year to everyone reading this. The title pretty much explains what I'm gonna talk about so without much intro, here we go.

First, I have uncovered voluminous notes for (working title) Motherboard. This is a sequel to WolfPointe that really never coalesced. But since Starshot is out (and doing OK) I felt perhaps, I should return to Malcolm MacKurghdy. Many people who read WP -- mentioned that they licked Mac and would love to see him stay around. So glad I did not kill him!!

In reading some of the pages, I have on a thumb drive, I felt there is enough there to revive the dogged, flawed policeman. Further, as I read, an idea for another storyline also popped up. Now I need to look at both, see if one is NOT viable and go with the other - or if both seem promising, perhaps in what order to I write out the adventure.

The other thing happening is promoting Starshot. Looking for venues and trying to talk it onto shelves wherever I can. Have to be honest -- not been doing much of a job. Lot's of excuses but, they are excuses. I hope to work with the Tinley Park Library and looking for bookstores willing to carry a few copies of Starshot to see if we can't make more people know me.

In looking back to my first novel, I see the mistakes I make in that book. I also recognize what people liked. Starshot is an entirely different kind of story. I am sure that is a one-shot to get a story I have wanted to tell for a decade. Love that story, but I don't see a way for a continuation. Mac MacKurghdy, though; him, I like. He needs to come back and get more fans .. so That seems the route I will be going this year....

Stay tuned for more...

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