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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Getting Down To It

     Had a very productive day today. I made a trip to the Tinley Park Library. My goal was to do some research on questions I have about Motherboard story development. It went well. So good in that I actually read NO Books at all, and immediately started to organize the book. 
     A few things needed sorting and listing. Character names and the role(s) they will play. A tentative, strictly chronologic storyline. This way I can recognize the beginnings, the middles, and the ends. Slide them about to make an engaging novel to read. I managed to do this! I now have my notebook started, and things really jumped out at me.
Additionally and most importantly, I needed to identify all the things that need explanation. Additional information required. I needed 5 things but will most likely expand as I go. I have to learn the hierarchy of the Law Enforcement community as far as both procedure and jurisdiction. I need more psychological information to allow the antagonist the leap off the page and scare the hell out of you! I also need to re-introduce Malcolm MacKurghdy and for those who have not read WolfPointe, tell you about who he is where he came from and who is he here, now.
     I also need a lot of information to explain the trigger that starts this story rolling. That is a bottleneck, and I just need to attack it. I must feel comfortable with my premise before I could expect you, the reader, to accept it as well. 
     As it turned out I did not use the library as a library in the reading/research sense. I found a quiet place that seemed to allow my imagination to go exploring. I needed a new place with limited distraction. I think it helped.
     More as I move forward. Stay tuned.

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