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Friday, March 1, 2019


I should be reading research, jotting notes, outlining plot action. I'm not. I am writing about not doing that. That is bothersome. I know me. I'm a lazy bum when it comes to writing. I go through periods where mentally I can't focus on one thread. I need to establish a: Logical Plot Line. I am at a crossroads of which way the plot should erupt. I need to research, I need to find a path that seems plausible. Once I am satisfied, then I know you, the reader, will accept (suspend disbelief) the plot premise.
Also, Starshot..... Oh, Starshot. It sells, but bumping along (I am SO grateful too). I want to promote it more and get myself out there. Yet, I hesitate. Time, money, those investments are so valuable to me, but my lack of action is inexcusable.
So I sit. Like a fat frog on a lily pad. I see flies right across the pond.
Do I want flies? Or should I wait for mosquitoes coming later?
Should I jump right in or wait till a bug comes near, on it's own.

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