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Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Everyone does it differently. Mitchner took years and miles of travel. Others interview and note take. 
I tend to read, jotting ideas, notes. I tend to flesh out characters, nameless and invisible at the time, but forming on my mind (and on paper). Then, as told to me by my wife. I grow silent, then I start thinking. I go through a period where I try to assemble a story. Long before this, I have an idea for a story, but like a joke, it needs a setup, back story, and a payoff. Often my stories start with the payoff then work back up to it. 
Motherboard (MB) kind of started differently. I began with the antagonist. Of course, in this case, I already had a protagonist,  Mac. So, the idea of doing a sequel to Wolfpointe sounded great. In reality, I had (have) two stories, so lock your doors. Back to work. It has taken months to iron out the bumps. They are still there, but, they aren't mountains anymore. 
One part of (MB) encompasses crimes over multiple states. To do that, I have to learn how Law Enforcement works. I had local LE operations figured out, but crossing, blending jurisdictions was new to me. I have been rescued by a family friend for YEARS and a retired Captain in the CPD. In just a few questions he laid out a whole response to an in-state crime scene. I am so grateful. In a couple of emails, I feel this story will now start to hit the paper (screen), due to his input. 
So, Stay tuned, invite friends -- keep coming back as I plan to regularly update here. 
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