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Friday, April 26, 2019

Aren't We All Day To Day?

     Always loved that phrase when used in sports but my mind goes all philosophical... Arent we all day to day? Yeah, kinda think so.

     So what have I been up to? Well, I have been writing and organizing my WIP. I am building what I call "chunks". So I start writing, for example, a character backstory. Now some will be part of the book, a lot will be just to make the character alive in my mind, and help in guiding me for his/her action and reaction as we live together. I often print these chunks out and use them as research and background as I go. Normally I can get through them pretty quickly. This time, I am still battling inertia. I will get through it, but it IS slowing the process!

     Also in the mix is the fact that I am into my coin collecting right now, so split projects. All of this is what I call -- excuses. That is all it is - but - it happens.

     My plan is to start putting down first draft material as we go. I tend to write until I need more info on a place, person or activity. Then, I stop and learn, digest and fill in the story gaps. I have story parts already (as I have posted here in the past) and will use those as touchstones to guide me here out.

In Other Items of Interest.

     I have been contemplating making video part of my blog. I just wonder what I'd talk about. I think I communicate well speaking, so why not incorporating it? Perhaps if any of you kind readers have a question you like me to answer or offer an opinion? A subject you like me to speak to? I'm open...

Thanks for stopping.

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